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World Heritage in Solo

World Heritage in Solo City

  • Keris
    Keris is one of the world cultural heritages in Solo. Keris was designated by UNESCO as a world heritage in 2005. The city of solo has an important role in the development of keris in this country, starting from the royal era, keris Pengging Jenggala Tunjungseta until the era of of the Surakarta palace. Untill now Solo had a center for making keris, namely in Besalen. In Besalen we can see and learn how to make keris for experts and we can explore the story behind the keris, the philosphy and strength inside of the keris.
  • Batik
    Cultural heritage in Solo besides Keris is Batik. Batik was declarated by UNESCO as one of the world heritages on October 2, 2009. All the things related to batik there are in Solo, starting from design, manufacturing process, packaging to the production process to become clothes or other products.
  • Sangiran
    Sangiran is an archaelogical site that has been recognized by UNESCO as aworld heritage since 1996. Sangiran has many interesting mysteries to reveal. On this site there are many remains of ancient human life, about habitat, ways of life, animals that lived at that time and landscape that existed in the era 2 million years ago. The interesting in this place based on research is ancient human discovery is Homo erectus. More than 100 ancient humans evolved no less than one million years. The number of these ancient human fossils represents 65% of ancient human fossils found in Indonesia and represents 50% of similar ancient fossils were found.
  • Wayang
    Wayang is one of the cultural heritage that Solo has. Wayang show was declared by UNESCO as a cultural heritages since November 7, 2003 as a high-value and awesome cultural in in the field of narrative stories. On of the wayang shows that have been around for a long time, a hundred years ago is Wayang Wong Sriwedari. Besides being an interesting attractions is also interesting of learn from behind the stage. The audience can engage in a direct dialogue with the people. Wayang wong players after the show, they can find out more about wayang and stories that are played. The visit solo becomes even more complete if you also visit and see the process of making Wayang Kulit from several areas around of Soloraya such as Sidoarno village, Klaten and The Wayang Museum in Wuryantoro, Wonogiri.
  • Borobudur
    Borobudur is the one of the different monument with others monuments. Borobudur was designated as a world. An extensive Mahayana Budha monument shaped like a pyramid was built in the center of javanese land around 800 AD by the Dinasti Syailendra and was abandoned until it was finished. The large area has ½ hectare with kubah in the middle of the land with height of almost 35m above the ground.
  • Prambanan
    Prambanan Temple was designated as a cultural heritage by UNESCO in 1991. Built in the 10th century, the largest complex temple in Indonesia dedicated to Dewa Siwa. Going up to the center of the last box shaped land there are have three reliefs describes the story of Ramayana, dedicated to the three Hindu Great Gods (Siwa, Wisnu, dan Brahma) and also three temples dedicated to animals serve the three god.