Virtual Performance of Sendratari Ramayana, “Rama Tundung”

The Sendratari Ramayana Balekambang performance which was held virtually on February 19, 2021, was amazing. The performances of the Langit Art Studio exhibited three opening dances, namely Gambyong Dance, Manipuri Dance and Jaipong Dance.


Gambyong Dance as an opening dance describes an expression of gratitude for the abundance of blessings. Manipuri Dance symbolizes the movement of the planets around the sun. Meanwhile, Jaipong Dance is said to be a modern dance that promotes emancipation.


“Rama Tundung”, taken from the Ramayana story after Rama Wijaya participated in a competition in Mantili. Rama Wijaya came home with a victory. However, in the middle of his journey, he was intercepted by Rama Bergawa and a war broke out. In this battle, Rama Wijaya was able to defeat Rama Bergawa and return to Ayodya.


Arriving in Ayodya, his stepmother, Kekayi, did not approve and ordered Dasarata to bully Rama Wijaya. Rama Wijaya also accepted the penalty. With a sense of not letting go, Dasarata saw Rama Wijaya being blocked by a giant. In the fight, the giants were defeated and some of the giants fled to report the incident to Rahwana, until Rahwana was shocked to hear the news.


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