Umbul Mantram Welcomes Grebeg Sudiro Traditions and Chinese New Year 2020

Sudiroprajan’s residents, Jebres Subdistrict, Surakarta City held an Umbul Mantram ritual procession as the opening symbol of the Grebeg Sudiro agenda while welcoming the 2571th Chinese New Year celebration. (Thursday, 1/16/2020)

The Umbul Mantram ritual is a symbol of gratitude to God Almighty and a form of strengthening the spirit of Indonesian Diversity. This ritual means as a symbol of the glue of unity and the spirit of mutual cooperation.

The event began with a procession of accompaniment around the Sudiroprajan region. The route starts from Captain Mulyadi street-Kepanjen-Sumase street-Juanda street-Jend. Urip Sumoharjo street-RE. Martadinata street-Sudiroprajan village office.

The carnival formation consist of village elders, heirloom spear bearers, carrying mountains of vegetables, cakes and fruits. Two mountains of produce are presented together with a variety of other offerings, as a form of expression of gratitude to God Almighty from the Sudiroprajan’s citizens.

The series of offerings is a form of regalia, a symbol of gratitude to the universe as well as the prayers and hopes of the Sudiroprajan’s citizens to God Almighty. This event focus on the acculturation of Javanese-Chinese culture.

After the carnival, there were performances from Padepokan Keris Brojobuwono, Traditional Arts and Dances.