The Performance of Ramayana Ballet “Shinta Ilang”

Seeing ballet shows at night with family and loved ones certainly adds its own warmth and excitement right?

Friday night, March 22, 2019 in Balekambang Ketoprak Building has been implemented the performance of Ramayana Ballet with the play of “ShintaI lang”. Many people attended to watch the ballet show. The ballet show this time was a little different from before because the cast and the dancers were brought up by the gladhi beksan of the Faculty of Medical of UNS.

GladhiBeksan is a group of connoisseurs and cultural activists, especially in the field of dance: lecturers, students, education staff and families have established wirama-wiraga and wirasa guidance since March 11 2019: have been active in various events in hadiningrat solo. This stage is the 2nd presentation

The play of Shintailang tells of Rama’s journey in protecting Shinta from PrabuRahwana but ill-fated in all ways Rahwana is able to kidnap Shinta even Jatayu (a bird) friend of his own rama is also killed while trying to protect Shinta.