The Launching of Tourism Boat as A Symbol of Grebeg Sudiro’s Opening Ceremony 2020

The launching of the tourism boat in Pepe River (Pasar Gede area) by the Mayor of Surakarta symbolizes the opening of Grebeg Sudiro 2020. (Tuesday, 01/14/2020)

Welcoming the Chinese New Year 2571 in Solo, Pokdarwis (Tourism Awareness Group) Sudiroprajan village launched a tourism boat as a symbol of the opening of series events in Grebeg Sudiro 2020. Grebeg Sudiroprajan is an annual event to welcome the Chinese New Year as a symbol of concord and harmony between communities in Surakarta.

The tourism boat operates from January 15th-25th from 6 – 11 PM. The ticket price is fairly cheap, only IDR Rp.10,000/person, we can enjoy the experience of a night boat ride with decorative lanterns and beautiful murals on the river wall.

Surakarta’s Mayor, Fx Hadi Rudyatmo said that Grebeg Sudiro event and the Chinese New Year Festival are the national events that should be thankful for and should be given full support.

“I expected that the Pepe River is treated not only in Grebeg Sudiro but also in the future. The resident must keep the river clean and the tourism boat should be available not only in the Grebeg Sudiro but also in the future” said the Mayor of Surakarta in his speech.

Grebeg Sudiro is expected to become a symbol of assimilation and diversity. Both of the assimilation and diversity are the identities that being appointed by Sudiroprajan resident. The assimilation of Javanese and Chinese ethnic groups in the environment became his enthusiasm, unity in diversity.