The Fragrance of Coffee in Car Free Day Slamet Riyadi Solo

(Sunday, 24 November 2019) The Surakarta City Tourism Office held the 5th Creative Collaboration in front of the Surakarta Mayor’s official residence (Loji Gandrung) with the theme “Semerbak Wangi di Slamet Riyadi Solo”, the event opened by the Head of Tourism Office of Surakarta at 6AM by showcasing a mannequin dress designed by Children of Solo City covered in coffee trinkets.

Various sub-sectors creative of Solo City collaborate, from: Visual Communication Design, Culinary and Fashion Sub-sectors, the three of creative sub-sectors worked together to hold an event that aims to raise and introduce the city’s creative products to the public. The hilarious performance of the ketoprak show also entertained the public who were enjoying their Sunday at Car Free Day in front of Loji Gandrung.