Solo Tourist Train, D1410 Locomotive Officially Operates

Surakarta City Government and PT Kereta Api Indonesia inaugurated the D1410 Locomotive in front of Loji Gandrung on Sunday, February 16th, 2020.

D14 is a steam locomotive imported by Staatsspoorwegan (SS) originating from two different manufacturers. No 1-12 was imported in 1921 by the German Hanomag factory while numbered 13-24 Workspoor manufacturers, the Netherlands in 1922.

During the operation, Locomotive D14 is widely used in mountainous areas and as a langsir locomotive. Around the 1970s there were 23 D14 Steam Locomotives operated in Java. Of all D14 Locomotives, there is only one unit remaining, namely D1410 which is currently being restored at Yogyakarta Yasa Hall.

Deputy Mayor of Surakarta, Achmad Purnomo said that the presence of the D1410 steam locomotive completed the Surakarta Tourism fleet. “It can be used by the community and increase community visits both from the city of Solo, outside the city and the international community to travel to Solo in the future” explained the deputy mayor.