Solo Gamelan Festival 2019 “Gamelan Perform in its Own Home”

(Friday, August 23, 2019) Located at Vastenburg Fort, the 2019 Solo Gamelan Festival was hold lively. Starting with beautiful dance from the studio of Moncer Iswara Surakarta, followed by the Committee’s remarks by the Head of the Surakarta Culture Office, Kinkin Sultanul Hakim and the remarks of the Surakarta mayor represented by the Surakarta Regional Secretary, Ir. Ahyani MA, the event was held for 2 days, August 23-24, 2019, which featured 5 gamelan groups from Surakarta and 5 Gamelan Composer groups from Surakarta.

In his remarks, Kinkin (Head of Surakarta Culture Office) said that the aim and purpose of organizing the 2019 Solo Gamelan Festival was to preserve, develop and regenerate musical actors in Surakarta, giving space to artists and all levels of society to be creative in the musical field.

Ahyani said “Organizing the 2019 Gamelan Festival in Solo shows that Solo is a safe, comfortable and conducive city to hold various international events”. Through this event it is hoped that it can trigger the younger generation, especially children to be happy and proud of traditional arts and culture, especially gamelan.