Solo City Serves Tengkleng & Selat Solo for Joglosemar Famtrip 2020 Luncheon

(Monday, February 10th, 2020) Solo welcomed 110 Travel Agents (TA) & Travel Operators (TO) from 20 provinces in Indonesia at the Joglosemar Famtrip 2020 luncheon.

The event was located in Ndalem Djoyokusuman, the TA / TO were welcomed by Retno Kusomo dance and spoiled with special culinary such as Selat Solo and Tengkleng.

This fam trip aims to integrate 3 cities, they are Jogja, Solo and Semarang cities. Cause of the close proximity, it makes travel agents possible to create tour packages.

By introducing Solo City to Travel agents and Travel operators from 20 provinces in Indonesia, it is expected to be able to increase the number of tourists visiting Solo.

“Hopefully Joglosemar fam trip participants can enjoy our treats, get to know a glimpse of Solo City, feel the Quality Tourism Experience as the current target of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture. Even though in a short time, the uniqueness and beauty of the city of solo can make you fall in love and will always miss Solo city,” said Ir. Agus Sutrisno, Assistant Secretary for Economic Development Surakarta in his speech joglosemar famtrip 2020.