Solo City Declared the Extraordinary Status of Covid 19

The results of the Surakarta Mayor’s coordination meeting with a number of heads of the Surakarta Regional Apparatus Organization (OPD) in Loji Gandrung (Friday, March 14, 2020), established the Solo City Corona Outbreak.
Surakarta City Government takes steps to anticipate its spread, including:

1. The city of Surakarta is declared KLB Covid 19
2. CFD (Car Free Day) is abolished
3. Teaching and learning activities from kindergarten to high school are closed from March 14, 2020
4. Wayang Orang and Kethoprak performances are closed
5. Sports activities at Gelora Manahan and Sriwedari Stadium will be canceled
6. Tourism destinations and transportation are closed
7. Ceremony and apples together at the City Hall of Surakarta will be abolished
8. Sports and cultural events are postponed / canceled
9. Work visit and acceptance of work visit activities are canceled
10. Competition in the village is postponed
11. RKPD Musrenbang postponed
12. Malls and Markets must provide a place to wash hands and soap /
13. Destruction of animals suspected of containing and which can spread the virus
14. Temporarily avoid physical contact