Solo Batik Fashion 2020 Held Virtually

Friday night (02/10/2020), located at the Sumaryo Grand Ballroom, The Sunan Hotel Solo, the first day of Solo Batik Fashion (SBF) 2020 was held.

Carrying the theme “PESONA BATIK NUSANTARA”, the first session of Solo Batik Fashion presented the diversity of Indonesian batik by presenting the works of designers from outside Solo such as Jogja, Semarang, Jakarta and Batam.

Some of the works displayed very diverse, which are displayed in the form of ready-to-wear batik.

This live broadcast show is also enjoyed by the audience from Canada, Suriname, Netherlands and Finland.

Solo Batik Fashion 2020 will still be held on October 3, 2020 by live broadcast, of course with more interesting performances and “Tribute to Didi Kempot” event.