Revitalization of the Sriwedari Solo Park Area

Monday March 18, 2019 DPUPR and the Tourism Office provide assistance to workers in the development project for revitalizing Sriwedari Park, which will become Sriwedari’s Garden Mosque to dismantle the Joglo Sriwedari building, demolition of the Sriwedari area in stages, first the Hiburan Rakyat Park known as THR which was unloaded in 2018 and has now begun the construction of a mosque, the second demolition of Joglo Sriwedari, which will later be built a more modern Joglo Sriwedari.

As we know Joglo Sriwedari is decades old and has never been renovated, Joglo Sriwedari is also often held as local art performances, Wayang kulit, Keroncong and other festivals.