Mayor of Surakarta as the Top Inspiring Leader in the 2021 Joglosemar Tourism Awards

“Joglosemar Tourism Awards” held in Yogyakarta on 27 May 2021 with the aim of encouraging the revival of the tourism industry in Central Java and Yogyakarta


Joglosemar Tourism Awards, which are dedicated to the Jogja, Solo, Semarang and surrounding areas, were held by the ITTA Foundation at the Sheraton Hotel Resort and Spa Yogyakarta


“Aims to give appreciation for the integrated and mutually supportive tourism industry in Central Java and DIY,”

In addition to the Top Inspiring Leader, the City of Solo also won awards from the hospitality sector:

– The best 5 star hotel ALILA Hotel

– The best 3-star hotel SWISBEL SARIPETOJO

– Best CHSE Solo Paragon Hotel

– Sunan hotel’s best MICE

– Best boutique hotel De Solo Hotel