Ketupat Festival and Kirab Jaka Tingkir, Enliven the highlights of Grebeg Syawalan TSTJ

The highlights of the Syawalan event, Kirab Joko Tingkir and Grebeg Ketupat at Jurug Solo Zoo this year was packed more sophisticated. With the theme Solo Past of Solo Future, various entertainment events are presented from 5 to 9 June 2019 for example the musical stage and the night market also the visitors can enjoy a collection of flora and fauna at the zoo including the newest TSTJ attraction, the Kolam Keceh.

The event of Kirab Jaka Tingkir, which began in front of the Pucangsawit village office, was very lively and unique. In the event, there are a Gunungan made of hundreds of ketupat, fruits and vegetables.

Grebeg Syawal in 2019 was closed by a procession of spreading ketupat, fruit and vegetables after the visitors had witnessed the theatrical Joko Tingkir held at TSTJ Lake.