Javanese Diaspora Network 4

Surakarta City has become the Javanese Diaspora Network-Ngumpulke Balung Pisah ke 4 event that previously held at Jogjakarta City, this event was held for 4 days on 20-23 June,2019. The agenda of this event is among visiting the tourism destinations places in Solo City, watching the Art show, discussion and Solo City tour by Kereta Jaladara and Bus Tingkat Werkudara.

The participants around 269 people which is spoken by Indrata Kusuma Prijadi, SE as the Leader of Paguyuban dan Yayasan Javanese Diaspora Network-Ngumpulke Balung Pisah. Followed by various participants such as Malaysia, New Caledonia, Netherlands, Suriname, Singapore, Canada, USA, China, Germany and Indonesia.

Indra has delivered that the purpose of Javanese Diaspora Network-Ngumpulne Balung Pisah (collecting the bones scattered) hold as a link so Javanese people who have spread everywhere not separated to become a unity, even the javanese people themselves is not only as a Indonesian citizens, Malaysia or just one country  but also global or universal citizens no longer have state boundaries.