Focus Group Discussion Tourism Office of Surakarta 2020

Surakarta Tourism Office held a Focus Group Discussion, for this discussion the Tourism Office engaged with the Stakeholders, Tourism Awareness Group, and the relevant organisation in Surakarta.

The Focus Group Discussion aims to develop existing potential tourism in the villages and creating new tourism destination packages in Surakarta to improve the economy of the community and increase the number of tourist in Surakarta.

The discussion which was held for one day on January 23, 2020 in Ndalem Gondosuli was directly chaired by Bp. Drs. Hasta Gunawan, MM. The focus group discussion was attended by 80 participants, 60 from stakeholders and 20 consisting of tourism awareness groups, and related organisation.

In addition to gain knowledges and procedures for developing village tourism and marketing strategies from competent speakers, some participants will also be included in a more core discussion at MUSREM BANGKOT regarding tourism development in Surakarta in order to be realized.