Explore Solo and surroundings in 2019 FamTrip by Youth, Sports and Tourism Department of Central Java Province

Youth, Sports and Tourism Department of Central Java Province hold a famtrip in Solo and surroundings area for three days on 26th to 28th February 2019. This activity involves ASITA and East Java ASPPI, Social Media administrator to media representative.
Head of the market development section, Tanti Apriani said that ‘’the main purpose of this activity is to introduce a number of tourist destinations in the Solo and surroundings area’’

According to her, tourist destinations in Central Java region especially Solo and surroundings area has high potential. Moreover, the access of toll road is also in the Solo area. Thus, it is very easy for visitors from outside to come to Solo.
the destination visited on the first day are Jumog Waterfall, Sukuh Temple, Rumah ATSIRI, the tomb of the second former president of Indonesia, Soeharto, The tomb of Raden Mas Said to The Tomb of Mangkunegara IV which is located in Karanganyar

For the second day the destination visited in Solo area are Museum Keris, Pura Mangkunegaran, Ndalem Gondosuli, enjoy dance performances and other historical place in the Laweyan area.

And the last day of the trip the destination visited in Sragen area are Primordial Man Museum (Sangiran Museum), Gardu Pandang Sangiran and the new destination Museum de Tjolomadoe.

There are six Provincial Tourism Strategic Areas (KSPP) in Central Java. There are Dieng-Borobudur, Solo – Sangiran, Semarang – Karimun, Cilacap – Baturaden, Rembang – Blora, Tegal – Pekalongan.

Hopefully, this activity can increase the level of domestic visitors.