Travel around Solo on the Werkudara bus

The Werkudara Double-Decker Bus has long been an icon of Solo City. This bus is the first tourist double-decker bus in Indonesia. The bus trademark is the red color with the Werkudara puppet painting on the front. While, in the back, there’s some iconic photo of tourist attractions in Solo, such as the Kasunanan Palace, Mangkunegaran Temple, and Pasar Gede.

The Government of Solo City named it Werkudara, as big and strong puppet character, in accordance with the form of a bus that is indeed high. Bus Werkudara height is 4.5 meters, 2.5 meters wide, while the weight is 12 tons.

Werkudara was able to carry 43 passengers, with details of as many as 18 passengers sitting on the lower deck and 25 people at the top. This tour bus has been operating since February 20, 2011, and its existence is specially ordered by the Solo City Government to the PT Tri Sakti Magelang Body of Work. Engaged in OM 924 LA Euro 3 engine, with a maximum speed of 120km / hour, Werkudara brings tourists around Solo City only Saturday and Sunday plus national/public holidays.

Besides Werkudara Bus, Solo City Government also has a new double-decker bus from Tahir Foundation through Bank Mayapada CSR. The bus is different from the older brother, Werkudara. The old bus section of the window is open, while the Mayapada bus is completely closed and air-cooled, allowing for long trips. The capacity of the bus that supported by the Mercedes Benz engine is about 70 seats. Of that number divided into two levels. The upper floor has a capacity of 60 seats, and the lower floor is 17 seats because half of the lower floor is a machine.

To try the sensation of riding a double-decker bus, visitors can directly buy tickets to the Transportation Office of Solo City behind Manahan Stadium or on Jl. Minister Supeno No. 7 Solo City. The operating hours are from 09.00 – 15.00. Tickets are priced at IDR 20,000 per person. It is recommended to order the day before so it doesn’t run out.

The Werkudara tour bus route begins from the Office of Dishubkominfo, Manahan intersection (Ahmad Yani Street), Kerten T-junction (Slamet Riyadi Street), Sriwedari – Gladag – City Hall – Pasar Gede – Bank Indonesia (pause for photos) – Stage crossroad (Kolonel Sutarto St) – Cembengan Monument (Ir. Sutami St) – Taru Jurug Animal Park (TSTJ). At TSTJ, the bus will stop briefly so passengers who previously sat on the lower deck can take turns sitting on the upper deck and vice versa.

For the return route, it starts from Jurug Zoo (Ir. Sutami St) – Colonel Sutarto – Urip Sumoharjo St. –  Jend Sudirman St – Gladag – PGS – Sangkrah – Kapten Mulyadi St, Baturono – Veteran St., Tipes – Bhayangkara St., Baron – Dr. Radjiman St. – Perintis Kemerdekaan St, Purwosari – Slamet Riyadi St., Kerten – Ahmad Yani St.- back to Dishubkominfo (The Transportation Office of Solo City).