Tradition of Ngeteh (Tea Culture) in Bengawan City

The Solo City will never go off from the tradition of drinking tea since the Dutch colonial era. Especially, the ruler of the Solo Kasunanan Palace, Pakubuwono X owned a tea plantation at Madusita in the Ngampel area during his time.

Today, most of the people in Solo still maintain the tradition of drinking tea for both formal and non-formal events. The tea composition also has its own special taste, the people of Solo call it nasgithel which means panas (hot), legi (sweet), kenthel (condensed). It has a strong aroma and colour from this tea composition from the Solo City.

Nasgithel tea can be found in angkringan and in side of the Solo City. You only need to pay IDR 2,000 until IDR 3,000 to get a cup or a plastic bag of Solo City nasgithel tea. Simply enjoy it with various kinds of fried foods and other snacks to enjoy the taste of this nasgithel tea from Solo City.