Timlo Solo

Two plates will be presented as soon as we order the complete menu. One plate contains white rice sprinkled with fried shallots. One more plate has a deeper indentation containing the sauce. You can immediately smell the deliciousness from the steam of the broth, which when stirred, you can see the various fillings. In one bowl, there are sliced ​​boiled chicken eggs, chicken gizzard liver and thin sausages that are the size of two fingers.

At first glance, this food is similar to soup, but there are no vegetables in it. Also not soto, because the broth is clearer, thinner and fresher. The name of the dish is timlo. That said, this food is the result of the process of acculturation of Chinese cuisine which the carrier called Kimlo. Along with the acculturation process, there is a change in pronunciation to timlo.

Like other soupy dishes, timlo is more enjoyable to eat when it’s still hot. With the addition of a little soy sauce and lime, the tongue will continue to sway. Boiled eggs taste chewy, while the crumbled egg yolks will swim around waiting to be spooned.

There are a number of popular timlo stalls in Solo, including Timlo Sastro, Timlo Solo, Timlo Maestro and so on.