The Enchantment of Surakatra Tourism, the City of Javanese Culture by Nurmalita Sekar Kirana

“Your simplicity makes me fall in love, always want to go back to Solo….”
Quote from the song Rindu Solo, which has become an icon for tourism promotion in Bengawan City
the work of the famous Solo singer Elizabeth Sudira is very suitable for
describes how special the city of Solo is in the eyes of the citizens and anyone who
been to this city. How come? the atmosphere of the city is peaceful, safe
and serene has its own serenity for its connoisseurs. Not only that
, diverse tourist and culinary attractions as if ready to indulge
and warmly welcome tourists. Warm, friendly nature – hospitable and unpretentious
its citizens are also a characteristic that is no less memorable for anyone who
visited the city of Solo. So do not be surprised if this city has its own flavor and
‘ngangeni’ for tourists and Solo residents who are migrating to other cities.
So how? you can imagine how warm and pleasant the city must be
which has the slogan Solo The Spirit of Java.
Here I will invite readers to enjoy how beautiful the city of Solo is
in three days and two nights, for sure, just be prepared to be amazed and
immediately want to visit this city hehe. For matters where tourists stay, no
need to worry because Solo has various hotels or homestays with many choices
prices and certainly affordable, safe and comfortable. One of the hotels that I
visit is hotel Solia Yosodipuro. The hotel is located at Jalan Yosodipuro No 31
– 33 is very suitable as a place to stay while traveling in Solo.
Apart from its strategic location because it is in the middle of Solo City, the price is
offered is also quite cheap, tourists only need to spend Rp
285,000 per night or IDR 385,000 per night if you want a full breakfast
provided by the hotel, very cheap and affordable right?. Not only that, the nuances
owned by the Solia hotel also really represents Solo as a City of Culture
Java. When entering the hotel lobby, you will be greeted with the strains of Javanese gamelan
and visitors are treated to views of the palace’s golden train along with it
other typical miniatures of Javanese culture. There are also swimming pool facilities
if visitors want to swim.

Image of the Solia Hotel pool
After checking in and getting ready, tourists can immediately visit the temple
Mangkunegaran which is located not far from the hotel can even be reached only
on foot only. With an entrance ticket for Rp. 20,000 thousand, you can get it
enjoy the beauty of Mangkunegaran Temple. Once entering the gate of the temple
Mangkunegaran will immediately be treated to a wide expanse of courtyards and buildings
Javanese-European style pavilion architecture. Mangkunegaran Temple has various
a collection of valuable items that are believed to have come from the Mataram Kingdom and
Picture of Mangkunegaran Temple
After being satisfied walking around the Mangkunegaran Temple, proceed directly to
the next destination is Triwindu Market which is located not far from the temple
Mangkunegaran. The triwindu market is a market that sells antiques,
for selling antiques, don’t judge it as very rundown and dirty, it’s a big mistake
otherwise this market is very aesthetic. No wonder many photographers use it
this location is for shooting.
Triwindu Market Picture
It’s not complete if you go to Solo without enjoying dawet ice
Big Market. After being tired of walking – walking is indeed the most fitting to enjoy that
fresh – fresh. Finally, Pasar Gede ice dawet became the next destination. For
you don’t need to worry about transportation, the City of Solo has a Batik Solo Trans bus for
bringing residents and tourists along the city of Solo, which is fun again
This bus is free, you know, facilitated by air conditioning and good health protocols, of course.
Apart from dawet ice, Pasar Gede also has many delicious culinary delights
variety on the 2nd floor of the fruit market such as dim sum, Javanese noodles, cooking
java, coffee shops, some even sell western dishes at very high prices
affordable. So, take it easy, tourists don’t need to be confused about business
pleasing tummy.

Pictures of culinary offerings at Pasar Gede
As if not to let the tourists feel lonely, the city of Solo too
holding art shows at night, at that time I watched
the ketoprak show which was held at the Balekambang park open stage.
Visitors are only charged a fee for vehicle parking of IDR 2,000. Laughter
the laughter of the audience accompanies the whole show, even at that time
it rained a little but that didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the community for
watch until the end of the show. After watching, you don’t have to worry about problems again
stomach. There are various angkringan in every corner of the city with a menu of milkfish rice
or the people of Solo used to call it ‘sego cats’ and various kinds
‘Sundukan’ and don’t forget to also add ginger or uwuh wedang
become one of the culinary characteristics of the night in Solo. Hmmmm can you imagine the cold –
cold warmed with ginger wedang. Don’t think about it, let’s try culinary
Solo night, guaranteed to collect.
Picture of a ketoprak performance at Balekambang Open Stage
A picture of a typical Solo angkringan
Morning run while looking for a typical Solo breakfast, namely soto or nasi liwet as well
enjoying the beautiful morning atmosphere of Solo City is the right choice. Apart from being served
views of the green and well maintained trees along the city walk
Slamet Riyadi, tourists can also take fun pictures in front of the shop murals
along Jalan Gatot Subroto.
Mural picture on Jalan Gator Subroto
Kasunanan Palace is the next choice of destination. To enter
in the Kasunanan palace, tourists are only charged a rate of Rp. 8,000, which is affordable
No? Apart from enjoying the beauty of the palace buildings, visitors can also see –
see the relics of the palace which are still well maintained. Around
In the palace, there are also many traders who offer a typical Solo drink, namely wedang
rounds, so there’s no need to be afraid of feeling thirsty after going around. Satisfied strolling,
now it’s your turn to pamper yourself by shopping for batik at the iconic Solo market, Pasar

Picture of wedang ronde Picture of Surakarta Kasunanan Palace
In the afternoon, do you want to enjoy the sunset in Solo City? Take it easy, tourists
can visit the cengklik reservoir. Besides being able to enjoy the beauty
views of the reservoir, tourists can also go around the reservoir with prau
rented out by local residents. Not only that, it is near the Cengklik Reservoir
there is also a game arena and photo spots, namely the Cengklik Park Reservoir.
Picture of sunset at Cengklik Reservoir
Enjoy tea plantations by eating rabbit satay and hot tea, as well
Visiting Jumog Waterfall is an option on the last day. It takes time
2 hours from Solo to Tawangmangu to enjoy the cool mountain atmosphere
and fun. Before completing the mission, traveling to Solo is not complete
the taste before buying souvenirs typical of Solo food. Especially if it’s not pancakes
notosuman. This soft pancake with a sweet and savory taste is a favorite
for anyone who visits this city. Up here first travel story in
This Javanese Culture City. How very interesting right? Of course. Come on go to
Eating Bakwan with Filo
While listening to the sound of drums
Let’s go to Solo friends
The joyful heart of longing is gone

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