Tari Gambyong Pareanom

Gambyong dance is a dance originating from Central Java, more precisely, this dance originates from Surakarta. Gambyong, taken from the name of a very famous dancer at that time, namely Sri Gambyong.

It is called Gambyong Pareanom Dance because the accompaniment is Gending Pareanom. There are several kinds of Gambyong dance according to the accompaniment, including Gambyong Pareanom, Gambyong Mudhatama, Gambyong Gambir Sawit, Gambyong Pangkur, and so on. .

The gambyong dance has basic movements, namely head and hand movements that are elegant and flexible. The costume also depicts the characteristics of Central Java by wearing a bun and kemben (angkin), it looks simple but still elegant.

The dancers are also required to show gentle and graceful expressions when dancing this dance, not forgetting a beautiful smile.