Tari Bondan

Bondan Dance originates from the City of Surakarta and is an Object for the Advancement of Intangible Cultural Heritage in the field of performing arts. This traditional dance is a type of classical dance that has been performed since the time of the Majapahit kingdom. In the past, the Bondan Dance was obliged to be performed by a village development group in the Mataram kingdom as a sign to show its identity as a prospective mother of a generation.

This dance has a philosophy that describes the love of a mother who cares for and educates her child selflessly under any circumstances even until her child dies. This Bondan dance is performed by a woman holding a baby doll with an open umbrella and she has to be careful because she is dancing on a jug which cannot be broken.

There are three kinds of movements with different meanings in the Bondan dance, namely Cindogo Bondan, Mardisiwi Bondan, and Mountain Bondan.