Surakarta Palace

There is Javanese kingdom which become an icon of Solo City. It’s Kasunanan Palace, built by Susuhan Pakubuwono II (Sunan PB II) in 1744 as replacement Kartusura Palace because it’s damaged by Geger Pecinan in 1743. Kasunanan Palace has area about 54 are and many collection such as sculptures, waepons and royal heritages. There is an interesting building in Kasunanan Palace, its name is Sanggabuwana Tower.  On the tongues of men, Sanggabuwana Tower to be the meeting place between the King ang the Queen of South Sea. The tower which built by Sri Susuhan Pakubuwono III in 1782 has height about 30 meters. At colonial era, the tower had function to spy on Dutch.

When you visit to Kasunanan Palace, there are some places that are not allowed to enter like the residence of the King. But you are allowed to enter in public spaces like pavilion in Sasana Sewaka. When you enter to Sasana Sewaka, you must release your footwears and walk barefoot on the sand that taken directly from Parangkusumo Beach and Merapi Mount. You can also visit to museum in Kasunanan area. There are many collections such as royal carriages, palanquins, sculptures, ancient weapons and some other collection.

Beside enjoying beautiful buliding, Kasunanan Palace also offerstour of cultural heritages such as traditional ceremonies, dances and music. One of famous traditional ritual are Sekaten and Suro Night. Sekaten is a celebration to commemorate Muhammad’s birthday and the last day of the celebration will closed with Gunungan Mulud. Suro Night is held to commemorate new year eve in Javanese calender. The celebration’s marked by Mubeng Beteng Carnival, bringing heirlooms of the palace with Kyai Slamet buffalo.