Sukuh And Cetho Temples

Sukuh temple is located in western slopes of Lawu Mount (3000 meters above sea level), approximately 35 km from Solo City. Sukuh Temple was found by Van der Vlis in 1842. Sukuh is a Hindhu temple which built in 15th century.  Not like the Hindhu Temples in Central Java, Sukuh Temples has terraced architectural style and facing the west so it’s possible that the temples was built between the collapse of Hindhu monarchy and arrival of Islam monarchy. Sukuh temples has area about 5.500 m2 and consists three terraces , each of them connected by narrow stone gate. At first glance, it’s similar to Mayan Temples in Mexico. According to the experts, from reliefs of  Sukuh Temple, the temple was built for ritual ceremony. Beside Sukuh Temple, there is Cetho Temple on the slopes of Lawu Mount. The temple was built on the top of hill and you can see wonderful view from the top of the temple. The journey to Cetho Temples pass through tea plantation. Like Sukuh Temple, Cetho Temple was built in 15th century, during the collapse of Majapahit monarchy and the arrival of Islam monarchy. Cetho temples consists 14 terraces.

Now, Sukuh and Cetho Temples are still used by local communities as house of worship.