Sriwedari Stadium (R. Maladi)

Cool and fresh air from shady trees embellish around Sriwedari Stadium, some time ago. When the foot stepped into the main stadium area, a clearly visible green expanse the soccer field. The track running around it became the main stadium scene. In addition, the seats in the main stands, as well as the steps around the field, make it a place where fans watch football matches.

Sriwedari Stadium is the oldest stadium in Indonesia. This legendary stadium plays a major role in the field of sports and history of the physical struggle of the Indonesian. This oval-shaped stadium is the first stadium built by Indonesia. While other stadiums were built by the Dutch. The history of Sriwedari stadium began in 1932. At that time, Sri Susuhunan Paku Buwono X from Keraton Surakarta had the initiative to build a stadium for sports activities Kraton relatives and the natives.


In the city of Surakarta at that time, Bumiputra soccer athletes are only allowed to play football in the Alun-alun Kidul, without using any footwear. Seeing the unfair treatment, R.M.T Wongsanegoro propose to the King of Surakarta to build his own stadium dedicated to accommodating football athletes Bumiputra.

PB X agreed and gave the location in the garden suwung, Sriwedari Village. Sriwedari stadium planner entrusted to Mr. Zeylman with a cost of 30,000 guilders. While the implementer of the development project is done by R. Ng. Tjondrodiprojo with the help of 100 workers and takes 8 months. Sriwedari Stadium that equipped with spotlights in each corner was finally completed in 1933.


In 1948 or exactly September 8th-12nd, Sriwedari Stadium was used as the venue for the first National Sports Event (PON). A year later, it was used as a place of transfer of Dutch government over Surakarta City to the Government of the Republic of Indonesia.

On August 4th, 2003, Solo City Government, under the leadership of Slamet Suryanto, changed the name of Sriwedari Stadium to R. Maladi Stadium. The change of name is based on the proposal of former Student Squad of Brigade 17 Surakarta as a form of respect for the services of former Minister of Sport who is also the designer of the stadium. Then in 2011, R. Maladi Stadium was again named Sriwedari Stadium. The renaming was done for historical reasons as well as legality.