GALABO (Solo Night Culinary Center)

Galabo is an abbreviation of Gladag Langen Bogan, a culinary nightlife in the city of Solo. Before shifting, its location was to the east of the Gladag roundabout, precisely on Jalan Mayor Sunaryo in front of the Beteng Trade Center and the Solo Wholesale Center. Because it is in the road area, Galabo is closed during the day and only opens at night. After June 2018, Galabo is placed in a parking area south of Vastenburg Fortress or right in front of the Solo Wholesale Center (PGS). This new location is considered more representative because there is no need to close the road.

Opened every day from 5:00 p.m. to early morning, New Galabo still provides a variety of contemporary foods and legendary traditional dishes such as timlo, gudek ceker, satai and so on. Solo famous culinary icons like Rawon Penjara, Tengkleng Bu Edi Pasar Klewer, to Satai Kere Yu Rebi can be found here.

Different from the old Galabo, New Galabo has a brand-new concept and is comfortable to visit. Prices of food sold are also relatively affordable compared to the old Galabo. When in the old location, there were more than 50 merchants selling at Galabo. After going through study and selection, only 28 traders were considered eligible to occupy the culinary tourism area. In addition to the typical Solo food, the merchant’s commitment to maintaining cleanliness is also an assessment.

Galabo with a new face does look more organized and neat. Some companies, including State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN), disburse corporat social responsibility (CSR) funds for the development of Galabo. Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) 46, for example, disbursed funds of up to Rp 1.7 billion for the culinary tourism. The regional arrangement also targets additional facilities such as selfie spots. Entertainment that has remained since the first time opened was a live music performance by local musicians from Solo.