Solo Keroncong Festival 2023 will Enliven Your Weekend

Hello Keroncong Lovers!

The Solo Keroncong Festival 2023 event will be held at Pamedan Pura Mangkunegaran on July 22-23 2023 with the theme “Keroncong Gravity, Alon -alon Waton Keroncong”. With the theme Keroncong Gravity, the Solo Keroncong Festival captures and provides space for the phenomenon of mixing keroncong music with rock music. So it is hoped that it will be able to attract the interest of the millennial younger generation to be able to see the opportunities for a variety of Keroncong music as an alternative space for appreciation and creation of cultural arts.

Who can’t wait to watch the Solo Keroncong Festival?

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SKF 2023 official account handle by SKF 2023 Committee
Instagram : @solokeroncongfest
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For more information, please contact us via DM or email solokeroncongfestival@gmail.com