Solo Jenang Festival: 278 Solo City’s Anniversary

From west to the east part of Indonesia, traditional jenang has its own characteristics. More than just a snack, this various jenang is deeply rooted in the culture and tradition from the local community. There are so many sago in the eastern island of Indonesia so these are mostly used by the people to consume it as a traditional food. Java island is so rich with rice, and the people make it as rice flour to become main component in traditional jenang.

Jenang market in Solo Jenang Festival 2023 fulfil your longing to taste jenang before you visit those cities. Not only the traditional ones, but also the new creation will be sold to suit today’s taste. A journey of jenang that is worth to follow by tasting a cup of jenang.

Enjoy the event at Pasar Jenang Solo (Solo Jenang Festival) to celebrate of 278 Solo City’s anniversary.

Friday 17 February 2023

08.00 am – 05.00 pm

At Puro Mangkunegaran

Don’t miss it!