Solo Dancing 2023

Solo Dancing 2023 will be present to fill the urban space as a gathering that connects the egalitarian spirit. Thousands of dancers, in each of their fragments – from the time the sun wakes up to before they go to sleep – invite us to convey the spirit of familiarizing the tradition to the younger generation.

He contributed a fertile seed for the sustainability of classical dance which is comfortable side by side with the twists and turns of the movements that have been born recently.

From Bedayan dance to hip-hop at Solo Dancing, Saturday April 29 2023 at 07.00 AM – 00.00 PM for World Dance Day 2023.

The route starts from the Ngarsopuro Corridor – Pasar Gede Solo-Paragon Mall- Kauman Batik Tourism Village – Surakarta City Hall Plaza-Gatsu Solo Corridor