Solo Dancing 2023 Bedhayan Naradipta Mass Dance

The youngers dance their bodies as an expression of self-liberation, embodying desire, accompanied by dynamic music. The ladies danced gracefully to the magical gamelan.

Solo Dancing 2023 is an invitation to all: move in rhythm, unite in the spaces of the city. Filling traditional markets to malls, asphalt flats to hallways.

Solo Dancing 2023 is the classic and the modern, the youngers and the great blend in a harmony. Unmitigated, in order to keep the tradition from rusting and fading, it was held shortly after the sun broke until the day almost changed.

Welcoming World Dance Day, Solo Dancing 2023, brings our day one day to physical awareness as well as a reflective invitation: the body is only a tool, it is the soul that makes it live.


Let’s dance together, Saturday, April 29, 2023 in Solo City.

07.00 AM – Koridor Ngarsopuro

01.00 PM – Pasar Gede

02.30 PM– Kampung Batik Laweyan

04.00 PM – Solo Paragon Mall

07.00 PM – Balaikota Surakarta

09.00 PM – Kawasan Gatsu