Sate Kere Solo

Sate Kere is one of Solo’s culinary specialties that is very authentic. Not only the ingredients that are underestimated but also the history of its emergence. Kere satay is made from tempe gembus. Tempe gembus itself is a type of tempeh made from tofu dregs. Apart from tempeh, the basic ingredients for making this satay also use beef innards such as cow lungs and intestines.

It is said that satay kere is the creativity of the inlanders to use food ingredients thrown away by the white toean company. Sate kere is also a counter culture or counter culture made by the colonized against the invaders. If the colonizer because of his strength and wealth is able to enjoy meat satay, the colonized poor make use of the leftovers. No wonder it is called satay kere, aka the satay of the poor, or the poor.

In one serving of satay kere, usually there are several different skewers. However, the main thing is satay from tempe gembus which is cut into thin blocks similar to pieces of meat. Before being burned over coals, the satay ingredients are cooked first using bacem seasoning.

The aroma of pleasure was immediately wafted when the sate kere began to be burned. Peanut sauce with a rough mash that is poured over it accompanied by a sprinkling of sliced ​​​​cayenne pepper and raw shallots as if forcing saliva to drip. The texture of loose tempeh is loosely porous, making the satay seasoning very pervasive. Even though it’s called satay kere, people with money really love it.