Sangiran Museum Prehistoric Sites

Sangiran Sites becomes one of favourite tourism in Solo, an important prehistoric sites that reveals the live of former human evolution. The sites is located approximately 15 kilometers from Solo, exactly in Sragen, in Solo river valley. In 1996, Sangiran has recognized by United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), as one of World Heritage Sites.

The discovery of Sangiran Sites’s started when a anthropologist, Gustav Heinrich Ralph von Koenigswald was doing research in this area. The ruseult of excavation the sites found first fossils of human, Pithecanthropus erectus. Beside it, there are around 60 fossils Meganthropus palaeojavanicus in this sites. Until now, 100 Homo erectus fossils are found in Sangiran sites. They represents 50% of Homo erectus fossils population in the world.

There are Sangiran Museum, contains many replicas of earky human which describes of ancient human since 2 millions years ago to 200.000 millions years ago. There are 13.086 human fossils collection in the museum. When you enter to the museum, you can enjoy an audio visual about the history of human evolution and solar system evolution.

Sangiran Sites is worthy object to attend and the access to Sangiran from Solo city is aesier. You go there by bus from Tirtonadi Bus Station or by motorcycle.