Reviving Music Performance from the Pakubuwono X Era, Wungon ing Segaran starting in 2023

Sriwedari Park was built in 1899 by the order of Sri Susuhan Pakubuwono X as recreational, entertainment as well as relaxation area for the Kasunanan Surakarta Hadiningrat Royal family. The Sriwedari Park finally was inaugurated in 1901 and known as Bon Rojo (translated as King’s Garden). In the south-eastern part of Sriwedari Park can be found man-made pond called Segaran, in the middle of Segaran there is an artificial mound that made to appear like an Island which is called Punthuk. On the Punthuk there is a stage, which in 1950s the stage was named as Panti Pangeksi. At the bottom of the stage is a storage which called Guosworo that literally means Sound Cave. The storage was used to keep the Satiswaran Gamelan in order to always make it available or ready to accompany a celebration.

According to the Keraton Kasunanan Surakarta Hadiningrat spokesman, Panti Pangeksi was often used as stage for Keroncong Music Performances in 1950s. However, the music performances were eventually got deserted because lack of enthusiast unlike before. The Department of Culture and Tourism of Surakarta City in 2023 determined to revive the long lost routine event at Segaran. Renamed as Wungon ing Segaran, the event had been held since early January 2023. Following the schedule, the event would be held 2-3 times every week. By the end of January, Wungon ing Segaran already held 4 times with the theme “Uyon-uyon Gamelan Gadhon”, “Gelar Macapat Malem Jumat Legen”, “Merduekustik Nostalgic Songs”, and “Anto Welut Entertainment” on 14th, 19th, 20th ,and 21st  January 2023. The performance would start on 7.00 pm and open for public. However, there is no routine schedule for the event till now. Fortunately, the scheduled event will be publicize via official Instagram account of Department of Culture and Tourism of Surakarta City.(@pariwisatasolo).