Relax in Balekambang Park

Balekambang Park is one of the green open spaces in the city of Bengawan. Heritage Park K.G.P.A.A. Mangkunagara VII was built in 1921. Previously, this park has two names namely Partini Tuin (Partini Water Park) and Partinah Bosch (Partinah Forest) according to its parts and functions.


Partini Water Park located in the west serves as a reservoir of water to clean and pour waste dumps in the city. This pool is often used as a play area for boats and paddle ducks for the visitors. Its location is in the western part of the park. Boat rides and docks start at Rp10,000 per person, with a choice of duck paddle capacity of 4 people up to 6 people. In this pond, visitors can also catch fishing off. Rows of fish who become the inhabitants of the pool of black pomfret, red tail catfish, arapaima, and peacock bass. Daily two-hour fishing tariff is set at Rp30,000, while the full day package is worth Rp60,000.

While Partinah Bosch Park or Partinah Forest is used as a recharge area or the lungs of the city. Various plants that grow in this forest among the banyan, walnut, and apple chocolate. Other residents are herds of deer that are usually the objects that children love. The deer are quite tame. However, during the breeding season, they can turn aggressive.

Another vehicle in Taman Balekambang is a reptile park that is raised in western Bale Apung. Entrance fee is only Rp5.000. Inside the reptile park, there is also a romance stone that is said to be a broken meteor that fell in the city of Solo. The last facility is the existence of an open stage and indoor. On the indoor stage, the management would be held ketoprak performances in the Javanese language on some night. While on an open stage, the performance is done at a certain moment only. In the era of the 1970s, the stage shows Ketoprak Srimulat which gave birth to several famous artists, such as Timbul, Gepeng, Djujuk, Nunung, Mamik, and Basuki. Taman Balekambang is open daily from 07.00 – 17.00 WIB. Visitors who come to this tourist park is free of charge admission.