Prambanan Temple

Prambanan temple is one of the greatest masterpiece of Hindhu culture in 10th century, has height approximately 47 meters. Background from construction of the temple was originally a wish to show Hindhu’s glory in Java. Now, Prambanan has been defined as a worl heritage site by UNESCO since 1991.

Three temples in area of Prambanan Temple are dedicated to Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma, the Trimurti symbols in Hindhu. The temple was built by Rakai Pikatan, the Hindhu king of Sanjaya dynasty. Prambanan consists 240 large and small temples which divided three zones. The interesting thins from Prambanan is each of temple has reliefs which represents Ramayana story. Eventhough you can enjoy the Ramayana Perfomance directly from Prambanan. The performance show combines with music, dance and drama from Ramayana story.

If you want to travel to Prambanan Temple, you can go there from Solo because Prambanan is close to Solo, about 1 hours by bus or car. You can reach Prambanan by train (Prambanan Ekspress Train) from Balapan Station dan transit at Klaten station then you must take public transportation to Prambanan.