Pepe River Water Tourism, Enjoying the Night with Beautiful Lanterns and Murals

Pepe River water tour is an annual tourism event of Grebeg Sudiro in Pasar Gedhe area, as well as to welcome and enliven the Chinese New Year celebrations in Solo City

This tourism boat has been running since 2015 and it is always awaited by the residents and tourists every year. Only by paying Rp. 10,000/person, travel buddy can enjoy a night boat riding experience with decorative lanterns and beautiful murals on the river wall.

The route of the tourism boat in the Pepe River is from a dock located behind the BRI (Indonesian People Bank) Office Sudirman to a dock in Sudiroprajan Village which passing through the lower part of the Loji Wetan Suspension Bridge. This tour takes about 15 minutes.

Near the dock, travel buddy also can enjoy a variety of snacks and the beauty of a thousand lanterns adorning the Pasar Gede area.