Pendopo of Banyuanyar Urban Village

Pendopo of Banyuanyar Urban Village provides many facilities such as discussion room, LCD and dance equipment to hold many activities. The addition, Pendopo of Banyuanyar Urban Village also provides facilities like internet access, librabry, mosque, parking area, toilet, nursing room and difabel access.
Traditional and contemporary dances usually were showed in this pendopo by dancer communities like Tentara Manunggal Membangun Desa (TTMD) Banyuanyar, Yayasan Solo Batik Carnival.

Pendopo of Banyuanyar Urban Village2

  • Address: Adi Sumarmo Street, Banyuanyar, Banjarsari
  • Built year: 2014
  • Contact Person: Banyuanyar Urban Village
  • Phone: 0271-729601
  • Accessibility:
    4,5 km from Adi Sumarmo Airport
    1,4 km from Balapan Rail Station
    2,8 km from Tirtonadi Bus Station
  • Capacity: 120 chairs