Peeking The Charm Of Gajah Mungkur Reservoir From The Elevation

Kota Gaplek Wonogiri keeps a million destinations that seem endless to be explored. One of them is in Sendang Village, Wonogiri Sub-district. In this village, there are three hills that present a beautiful unforgettable destination. Primarily, you will be fall in love with the beauty of the landscape of Gajah Mungkur Reservoir from the elevation. The next thing is a stretch of green belt that surrounds and the ranks of residential settlements. Don’t forget to swallow your saliva, thanks to a layer of karst hills that would spoil your eyes.


The route to this location is very easy. From the city of Wonogiri, you just need to follow the signboard towards the Gajah Mungkur Reservoir or Wuryantoro District. After the bridge of the reservoir, turn right in the first alley. From this turn, the vehicle will continue to meet steep, uphill, winding, and narrow routes. Well, the first point that should be visited is Puncak Soko Gunung which is located at an altitude of 780 meters above sea level. In Soko Gunung, there are at least three observation decks that could be the spot for the best photo hunt or selfie. But before getting to these decks, visitors have to sweat for a short trekking on a slightly uphill track. On the first observation deck, some resident provides a long bench to sit or take a rest. The next deck is just a large limestone rock. But from here, you’ve presented the scenery of the reservoir and the City of Wonogiri. While on the third deck, there is a view tower of bamboo and selfie bridge that became a favorite point of visitors. Spend about 30 minutes in this place and find the best angle. Once you’re satisfied, then you may go to the next hill that is Bukit Joglo.


This hill is lower than Puncak Soko Gunung. But its spacious place makes the view of Gajah Mungkur Reservoir much more visible. This location is often referred to as Gantole Hill because it is still the release point of the active paragliding ramp operating. In certain months when the wind is blowing not too fast, you can see a number of athletes racing with the wind controlling the paragliding. You also can try tandem if you have an excess pocket. A number of existing facilities in Bukit Joglo include cafeteria, mosque, and gazebo.


If you finished having a look at its beauty, better rushed to the next destination, namely Watu Cenik. Puncak Watu Cenik is placed around the release of the first paragliding ramp. In the area, there are also tombs and remainder village ancestors.


As Watu Cenik being the shortest peak, you can see the charm of the reservoir more closer. How elegant reservoir that stems the longest river on the island of Java is combined with chic mountains of limestone Gunung Sewu. In the surface of the reservoir, you can also take a look at a row of fish cages of fishermen. The gigantic letter board that says Watu Cenik may be your location to capture the image. Do not rush to go. Wait around the sunset from this point and enjoy the dusk that slowly sinks behind the hills.