Ngesus Punggawan Park

The Ngesus Punggawan Park (Taman Ngesus) was part of the Kusumawardhani Park. It was built by Sri Paduka Mangkunegoro VII that has now become a Press Monument and Persis Hall. A park, at that time, was a gathering area or place for the surrounding community.

In ancient times, the people here called this gathering as “ngesus” which is an adaptation of the Dutch language: soos. While “community” in Dutch means societeit. In accordance with the meaning of the word, societeit, became the center for the people of Solo City to gather. In this city, there are three areas. However, the only building that remains to this day is Societeit Mangkunegaran which is now Monumen Pers Nasional (National Press Monument) that stands firmly on Gajah Mada Street.

To the north of the Press Monument, there is a park that used to look lush, poorly maintained, and dark at night. Plus, many vagrant beggars lived in the park which made it looked shabby.

Following up on this matter, based on the Punggawan Village strategic plan, one of which mentions the need for Green Space in the Punggawan area, in 2020, Village Community Empowerment Institution (Lembaga Pemberdayaan Masyarakat Kelurahan or LPMK for short) and The Head of Punggawan Village carried out revitalization activities for the Ngesus Park.

Currently, Taman Ngesus not only realizes the plan to add green spaces in the area, but this park also functions as a children’s playground.