Ndalem Sasana Mulya

Geographic space unit : Ndalem Sasana Mulya
Adress : Kraton
Ward : Baluwarti
Subdistrict : Pasar Kliwon
City : Surakarta
Province : Jawa Tengah
Koordinat : 70 34’36.34” S 1100 49’36.39” T
Boundaries : Nord : Tembok Beteng Karaton
South : Jalan Baluwarti
West : nDalem Suryohamijayan
East : Gedong Kereta dan Masjid Suronatan
II Description
  Description :Ndalem Sasana Mulya is a traditional Javanese house building in the form of a joglo and functions as the Princely Ndalem which is within the Surakarta Kasunanan Palace area.
  Area/Size : Land Area: 11000 m2

Building area: +1843.64 m2

  Present condiition : Ndalem Sasana Mulya is in need of physical rehabilitation and treatment.
  History : At first it was one of three buildings (Purwadiningratan, Sasana Mulya, Mlayakusuman) which had a function as a workshop (assembly) for the construction of palace buildings

In 1965-1969 it was used as the G30S PKI political prison house

Starting from 1971, it returned to its original function as a place to support palace activities in cultural activities. It was used as a center/place of education for the Indonesian Karawitan Arts Academy and Surakarta Cultural Park from 1975 to 1980.

In 1980 to 2000 as a place for holding culture (wedding ceremonies, shadow puppet performances, cultural gatherings and funeral ceremonies)


  Ownership and/or Management Status : Belongs to the Surakarta Kasunanan Palace

Cultural Heritage