Mangyubagyo Tingalan Wiyosan Jumeneng Dalem KGPAA Mangkoenegoro X


In order to welcome a year anniversary of the reign of KGPAA Mangkoenegoro X, Mangkunegaran Palace will hold an event with the theme of Public Market, providing space for the general public to collaborate and be creative, presenting various kinds of Traditional Culinary Markets, Local Business, Cultural Events, Literary & Cultural Workshops and Competitions Javanese such as Video Reels Competitions, Cerkak, Macapat and Nembang.

Come and join this event:
Date : Saturday & Sunday, February 25-26 2023
Place: Pura Mangkunegaran, Surakarta.

There are thousand free distribution of Solo Culinary, such as Cabuk Rambak, Herbal Medicine, Nasi Liwet and Lenjongan..

This event is supported by :