Lokananta Museum

The digital era has brought many changes, including in term of music.

Vinyl record, cassette tapes, and CDs have evolved into digital formats that we encounter in this millennial era.

The Lokananta Museum is the first and the only state-owned music company that have a large collection of legendary music in both vinyl record and cassette tapes.


The Lokananta Museum also has a recording studio that can still be used and also still maintains analog production for its music, namely by producing music in cassette tapes format.

Located in Surakarta, a city with a variety of cultures and histories.

Lokananta Museum adds to the list of nostalgic locations that you can visit while in Solo.



Miss listening to music with a cassette tapes?

Let’s go to the Lokananta Museum!

But, please be patient… Hopefully the earth will smile again soon and we will all be free from the covid-19 pandemic.