Learn About Keris Museum

Thousands of keris fill four-story buildings on Jl. Bhayangkara No, 2, Sriwedari, Solo. Thousands of keris that displayed is a collection of Keris Nusantara Museum which inaugurated the President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo (Jokowi). Moving into the room on the first floor of the museum, visitors can fill the guest list as an administration. In addition, there is also information boards of weapons distribution in the world.

Climb to the second floor named purwaning wacana, this place is the source of literacy about keris. A number of keris grants are displayed side by side with information about keris existence in the community and understanding the keris anatomy. In each of the keris that displayed, the administrator put a description of the type, dhapur, pamor, tangguh, warangka, pendhok, mendak, carving, and the origin of the collection.

If described, dhapur is a variety of shapes or types of kris. Pamor means the definition of a certain image in the form of lines, curves, circles, stains, dots, or motifs on the surface of the keris blades. Tangguh means to estimate the time and forging the making of keris blades and style of manufacture. For this type of keris, the title is luk that has a straight and bener is for the curve keris. In addition, there are kadga and bethok that shaped like a knife.

Moving to the third floor, visitors can see diorama the making of keris at Borobudur Temple and Sukuh Temple. There is also a description of keris making series that offerings sesajen by the masters. The diorama is very real it seemed to make visitors watch keris manufacture actually.

Visitors also can see the statue of men dressed in Javanese customs that display etiquette and fashion when carrying kris. In each activity, keris is placed at different points. Last on the fourth floor into a storage place of keris artifacts. On this floor is also displayed keris grant Society of Indonesia for President Perkerisan Joko Widodo. The keris has five pieces as a symbol of Pancasila. His warangka is red as a noble marker.