Kampung Batik Laweyan (Laweyan Batik Village)

Laweyan becomes one of center of oldest and famous batik in Solo after Kauman Batik Village. Laweyan Batik Village has area about 24.83 are and population about 2.500 people who most of them become buyer or maker of batik.

Laweyan Batik Village has became icon batik in Solo since 19th century when the firs Islamic Trade Association (Sarikat Dagang Islam) was established by Haji Samanhudi in 1912. Now, Laweyan has 250 motif of batik which already patented. Different from Kauman’s batik has dark colour dan classic motif, Laweyan’s batik offers lighter colour batik.

Beside having history as the oldest batik village, architectur of building be special attraction for tourists. Buildings in Laweyan Batik Village are influenced by Javanese, Europe, China and Islam architectur which represents  the wealth of batik merchants in earlier time. High walls and narrow alleys is distinctive character in Laweyan Batik Village.

Now Laweyan Batik village not only buys batik but also offers tour package for making batik. If you’re interested, you can follow shortly making batik course (2 hours) or if you want to explore the techniques of making handmade and stamp batik you can follow intensive workshop progam. If you want more information about making batik workshop, you can contact Forum Pengembangan Kampung Batik Laweyan directly.

Traveling to Laweyan Batik Village is not complete if you can’t enjoy culinary of the village such as ledre, apem and the other Solo typical foods. You also enjoy relax time at Wedangan Rumah Nenek in area of Laweyan Batik Village. The building is unique, combination Javanese and Dutch architecture. Wedangan Rumah Nenek opens everyday from 10 am until 12 am.