Ketoprak Noodles

In Solo City, there are many types of culinary. One of them is Ketoprak Noodles. Even though it has the same name as Ketoprak Jakarta, these foods still have differences.

Ketoprak Jakarta is a vermicelli tofu salad with peanut sauce. Meanwhile, Ketoprak Noodle is mixed of noodle and beef soup. It consists of yellow noodles mixed with vegetables, tofu, tempeh, peanuts, bean sprouts, and sliced meat bathed in meaty soup. This food can be eaten with crackers, too.

How is it then, guys?

Aren’t you want to get it?

Anyway, during this PPKM situation, please stay safe and obey the health protocols first. After this situation ends, you can get this food in your nearest location with some applicable health protocol to save you and your loved ones!