Kelompok Seni Jathilan Krido Mudo Utomo Kedung Lumbu

Kelompok Seni Jathilan Krido Mudo Utomo Kedung Lumbu

Jathilan Art Group Krido Mudo Utomo Kedung Lumbu. This art group is one of a handful of groups that have helped preserve regional arts, especially in the field of traditional dance.

According to various sources, the Jathilan dance is a dance with movements imitating soldiers riding their horses. This dance is a type of traditional dance which is even called the oldest dance ever in Java. Also read: Didik Nini Thowok Combines Chinese Dance and Hindu Music The exact origin of this art is unknown, but this dance is closely related to the culture of the regions of Central Java and Yogyakarta. Also read: Get to know Capoeira, the Art of Fighting and Dance from Brazil Jathilan dance has many names such as lumping horse, braid horse, and braid horse. The origin of the name Jathilan Dance comes from a Javanese sentence, namely “jarane jan thil-thillan tenan,” which translates to “the horse really dances erratically”.

In 2002 the singer of the Walangkekek langam received an art award from the Hanjaringrat music foundation in Solo with the legendary composer Gesang.

Waldjinah’s popular songs include Yen Ing Tawang, Bengawan Solo, Walang Kekek, Ande-Ande moss, Rudjak Ulek, Suwe Ora Jamu and so on.

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