Kebo Bule

Kebo bule is a nickname intended for horned mammals that have different skin colors. Kebo bule who are familiarly called by the Solo community as “Kyai Slamet” will be bathed and cared for on the 1st anniversary of Muharam (one suro) as a cucuk lampah or bodyguard of the palace heirlooms.

The placement of kebo bule is in a cage on the south side of the Kasunanan Surakarta Square. The location is quite strategic and easy to reach, making this kebo bule cage one of the favorite destinations for local or domestic tourists and foreign tourists when visiting Solo. Around the cage there are several sellers of kale and the community can pay around Rp. 2,500 – Rp. 3,000 for each bunch. The activity of feeding kebo bule is very fun to do with the children when spending the afternoon at the Kasunanan Surakarta Square.