Kavallerie-Artillerie Building, Mangkunegaran Palace

Visiting Mangkunegaran Palace is like nostalgic. In the front yard of Mangkunegaran Palace, there is a white-painted building, large and majestic resembling like the entrance of a fort. The building is known as the Kavallerie-Artillerie Building.

The location of this building is in the complex or rather to the east of the large field before entering the inner courtyard of the Mangkunegaran Palace.

The existence of the Kavallerie-Artillerie Building is reminiscent of the past during the reign of KGPAA Mangkunagoro I (Raden Mas Said) who had a strong army, so he named it the Sambernyawa Army. After KGPAA Mangkunagoro I died, the troops were developed by KGPAA Mangkunagoro II named Mangkunegaran Legion.

The Kavalerrie-Artillerie building was founded in 1853 and was completed in 1874 during the reign of KGPAA Mangkunagoro IV. The function of the Kavalerrie-Artillerie building was formerly as the headquarters of the Mangkunegaran Legion, and Pamedan as a training ground for the Mangkunegaran Legion.

As a cultural heritage building, the building has become global because it was used as a backdrop for Solo International Performing Art performances from 2010 to 2012, and Solo International Ethnic Music with spectacular lighting.