Kampung Batik Kauman (Kauman Batik Village)

Kauman Batik Village becomes oldest center center in Solo City. Located not far from main road city, Slamet Riyadi street and Radjiman street. You can access to Kauman Batik Village by bus (Solo Batik Trans, BST) from Balapan Rail Station. Historically, in earlier time, Kauman Batik Village became abdi dalem’s settlement who maintaining the tradition by making batik. Different from Laweyan, Kauman’s Batik offers clasic motif based on standard from Kasunanan Palace. It can be said Kauman Batik represents Kasunanan Palace’s batik.

In the development, Kauman’s batik has 3 type motif of batik, there are classic motif (handmade batik) which become favourite product, stamp batik and combination of classic and stamp batik. There are more 30 home industries in Kauman Batik Village so that you have many options to buy batik in Solo City. The uniqueness which offered at Kauman Batik Village is a visitor and buyer can interact and make transaction directly. You also can visit batik home industries, see production process and learn how to make batik.

If you’re interested to explore Kauman Batik Village, we recommend you walk or take a pedicap because access to villages is narrow. If you explore the village by walk or take a pedicap you can enjoy the ancient building with Javanese-Dutch architectur, joglo and limasan.